My room

My room
“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” Virginia Woolf

About this Page/ Updates

This blog is the sole property of Andrea Obaez and is a collection of my writing over the years. Back in high school, in good ol' 1998 when Clinton was still president and the world made sense, I made the mistake of saving all my work on floppy disks and shared computers, and of course, most of that work is now lost.

This blog was actually offline for the better part of 2011 and all of 2012 because I was not writing as actively at the time. I did, however, listen to reason and backed everything up before hitting Delete. I'm notorious for not cataloging my work*(R.I.P. Nyla Torres) so it was nice to get back online this time around and rediscovering pieces that I once thought were disposable.


I work on this blog by myself and sometimes things need a little tweaking, so it occurred to me that its a good idea to keep an updates page for those of you who are checking back in.

2013: New layout. I really like the Dynamic Views layout because it lets you explore this website in different formats (top bar, very first tab on the left). I like the Magazine one. And if you hover around the sidebar on the right, you will find the archives, labels, and translation widget.

I know the translation widget is not the best, but I wanted to give people who read in other languages an opportunity to read my work as well. I also added the label in Spanish for pieces I translated myself.

I'm moving a few things around and highlighting a few stories and editing others. I want to make this blog more of a snapshot of my talents, so stay tuned. 

For more updates on major edits or additions, check back here. 

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