My notebooks

My notebooks
“The need to document my insanity is an affliction I have not yet cured myself of...” Lydia Lunch

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Awesome Books Everyone Should Read

Anytime someone asks me to suggest books to read I say, "Anything by Terry Pratchett." I just think you can't go wrong with anything of his, butttt, for those of you who aren't that into the Fantasy/Brit genre, after the jump, a more varied (although, admittedly, girlier) selection.

Junot Diaz

A Stir of Echoes
Richard Matheson

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist
Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Lost Souls
Poppy Z. Brite

The Dirty Girls Social Club
Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

A Wrinkle in Time
Medeleine L'Engle

Practical Magic
Alice Hoffman

Woman Hollering Creek
Sandra Cisneros

The Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Krik? Krak!
Edwinge Danticat

100 Wicked Witch Stories

Ovid's Metamorphoses

Just As I Am
E. Lynn Harris

Stephenie Meyer

In the Time of The Butterflies
Julia Alvarez


We all dream of superheroes,
of those masked men, and sometimes women,
whose sole desire is to save us, to catch us when we fall,
to set us free.
The superhero is the one who,
during Act Two, Scene Three,
will appear just in time to give you the happy ending you've always wanted.
They're the ones who have all the answers
and know all the secrets to your soul.
The ones who know exactly how you like to be kissed.
But Superheroes don't exist.
They will reach no further than the glossy pages of
DC and Marvel or the silver screen.
I think all my life I've been waiting for my superhero to show up.
To kiss me. To love me. To save me.
To set me free.
But this time I will not wait for some one else.
This time, finally, I will save myself.

Let's Dance in the Rain...

Let's dance in the rain, baby
And I promise not to laugh,
Or giggle, or point my finger,
At the funny way you dance.

Let's dance in the rain, baby,
It'll be just you and me.
Show me how much you love me,
Come on, baby, dance with me.

Happy Couples

Happy couples make me sick.
They're everywhere, in school, at the bus stop, on TV.
Even on myspace they seem to find me
When you find a cute guy who has a big picture of a chick
With a tongue ring and a banner that says, "My Baby!!!!"
Makes me sick.
One girl in my class wouldn't stop flashing her ring and talking about
Her engagement.
Me, I'm single and bitter, and I live in a basement.
I guess I could put a stop to it, and start dating, and quit my bitching
But remember: It's better to be single and horny, than satisfied and itchy.
I want true love, like in the pages of a book,
The type that sets on your fire with a touch or a look
But true love hasn't found me, at least not yet
And I'd rather be alone than with someone I regret.
So I write these words to those who have what I haven't
Who parade their love like an effortless talent.
Be happy, be joyous, be free,
But please, respect the single, and don't do it around me.

Eleven Reasons You're Too Single

Sometimes being single just sucks. Below are some examples that prove you need to get out of the house, pronto. 

1. You're starting to get carpal tunnel, and it ain't from typing.

2. You can't remember, why, oh why, you broke up with any of your exes.

3. A good Saturday night means a bottle of tequila and a fresh pack of batteries.

4. Your MySpace profiles song is " I Will Survive".

5. Did the janitor always look this good?

6. Your eye twitches every time you see a happy couple.

7. Your legs are so hairy you're set for the winter.

8. When a guy hits on you, you ask him if it's a practical joke.

9. Your neighbors refer to you as the 'Lost Cause', and knock on your door daily to make sure you haven't died and the cats haven't eaten you.

10. You sunk after a deep depression after Denny died on Grey's Anatomy and are still working it out in therapy.

And the eleventh reason is…

11. You found your stash of condoms and they've expired… a year ago.