My room

My room
“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” Virginia Woolf

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Room on Willis Avenue

There was a complication when it came to living with Todd.

Todd at this point had moved into a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan with Nick, and Nick was not cool with me staying there even if I promised to stay out of the way and in Todd's room. He gave us the weekend for me to find something else.

Still not a douche. Seriously. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Alone and Nowhere to go

Because her original method of getting me out didn't work, Tati tried other tactics. Her first was to call my aunt Thelma in Puerto Rico. I don't know exactly what Tati said to Thelma, but I did get a call from my mother about the whole thing. She told me that Thelma had immediately sided with Tati because ella tiene que defender su sobrina.

So I called Thelma, and went off about the whole issue, from beginning to end. I told her how I had gotten the job at The Big Fancy, how I had planned to get my own place but my mother suggested living with someone I knew instead.

I told Thelma about living with Madeline, how Tati left me behind within the week. How she had invited me to live with her again, only to leave me behind once again.

I told her how I made plans to design my room. Yo me emocione, I told her, and how I had even drawn up plans for my room.
Not to scale

Living with Tati

This is the part that hurts.

Tati offered me to live with her after Madeline kicked me out for not being able to pay rent. Once at Tati's apartment, she pointed out that she had offered me to live with her before, and I refused.

I reminded her that I was working in White Plains at the time, and couldn't add more time to my commute. Tati lived closer to Manhattan and further from White Plains. I also couldn't afford to pay her half of the $1,200 that she was paying for that apartment. I was only there because I wasn't able to pay Madeline.